FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


1.    What is biZyug.com?

ANS: biZyug.com started Kids & Gift online stores which are simple in terms of order placing because biZyug having online product selection and deals with us via WhatApp to place the order and payment online Bank Transfer, Paytm & Cash on Delivery and only provides the customer satisfaction with good price. biZyug team are constantly innovating so that customer can buy in the easiest and most convenient way possible. biZyug team is trying to provide the good price for the quality products to remove the hurdles for our customers.


2.    What is biZyug Business Model?

ANS: Customer can place the order product through whatsapp / phone / online on website (Not Available) and biZyug Team will be delivered the ordered products to the customer.

Business Model

·         Go to the website (www.bizyug.com)

·         Search & select the product by the customer.

·         Customer Login to the website to check the price on website

·         Discuss & Get a good discount on WhatsApp

·         Place Order on WhatApp / Phone

·         Make a Payment via Online Bank Transfer, UPI & Tez (Google) & PayTM

·         Order deliver to your address


3.    How many ways to place an order?

ANS: biZyug.com provides two types of way for placing the order such as

·         Order on WhatsApp

·         Order Phone Call

·         Order Online (will come soon)


4.    What are the Payment Options available?

ANS: biZyug.com provides three types of payment options:

·         Online Transfer

·         PayTM & UPI (Bheem & Tez – Google App)

·         COD (Cash On Delivery)


5.    How to make Payment through Online Bank Transfer?

ANS: Please keep in touch for the bank details with our biZyug Team on WhatsApp - +919958699749


6.    How to make payment through UPI (Unified Payment Interface)?

ANS: NOT Available at this moment. (Please keep in touch with our biZyug Team on WhatsApp - +919958699749)


7.    How to make payment through PayTM?

ANS: Please pay through PayTM +919958699749


8.    How to make payment through COD (Cash On Delivery)?

ANS: NOT Available at this moment. (Please keep in touch with our biZyug Team on WhatsApp - +919958699749)


9.    What is the COD? And Is COD available on my location?

ANS: COD stand for Cash on Delivery. For the Cash on Delivery, please keep in touch with our biZyug Team on WhatsApp - +919958699749

Note - COD will NOT be available for all locations.

10. Can I pay by Cheque upon delivery of my item?

ANS: No.


11.  How many days biZyug team takes to complete their order processing?

ANS: biZyug team will take maximum three day to complete their order process otherwise team will reach out to you for the update.


12.  How can I track my order?

ANS: You can discuss with us for your order via WhatsApp / phone.


13.  Do I need to Registration / Login on website before any purchase?

ANS: No. you do not need to sign up before any purchase. You can select the product and send the details to us over WhatsApp to place the order but you cannot see the price for the product without login.





14. What are the benefits of Registration / Login on biZyug.com?

ANS: biZyug website does not show the price of products without register / login. User needs to register / login to check the price of product on website and you will get time to time new attractive offers from biZyug.com.





15. What are the delivery charges for the products?

ANS: Delivery charges will be depending on the location (Please keep in touch with our biZyug Team on WhatsApp - +919958699749)


16.  Can I place order via bizyug.com website?

ANS: No, bizyug website is not allowed to place order through website at this moment and will be come back soon.


17.  Can I return my ordered product?

ANS: Yes, please have a look return policy for the details.

18.  Will I get any guarantee with my biZyug.com purchases?

ANS: There is no guarantee available on purchase over Bizyug.com and you don’t need to bothers about biZyug.com purchases because we provide to give customer satisfaction.


19.  Can I get a faulty or damaged product replaced later?

ANS: Yes, We always check the product at our end before deliver the product